Neuroscience applied to the transformation of the sales person in the art of persuasion for greater results.

Our unique approach is to first have the salesperson build their self confidence, then confidence in the company, products and ask high value questions to determine the real needs of his prospects.

We then share the art of persuasion and have lots of role plays and interactive exercises based on why should the client buy our products or services and how they can best use our products and services all appealing to the limbic brain which controls all emotions and feelings which why we buy anything before justifying our emotional decision with logic which deals our reasoning brain.


Neuroscience applied to the transformation of the customer service person for greater results.

This unique course focuses on the customer service person becoming aware that is only when they add value to someone else, that they then become more valuable and as a result desire to develop “a spirit to serve others”.

Understanding why they should always be smiling, jovial and courteous by developing a positive growth service mindset creates an atmosphere where the person being served not only feels great but values their customer service experience.

They want to share this wonderful experience with everyone and engages in the highest form of advertising which id done by personal recommendation. This not only enhances your reputation but increases your value.


Neuroscience research reveals that every brain has the potential for growth. This is called Neuro Plasticity. The latest in brain imaging shows that our brain actually grows physically in response to two factors:

  • When we view what we are thinking or working on as interesting or enjoyable the brain signals the perpituary glands to produce “Dopamine which produces a happy, positive feeling while turning on all the learning centers of the brain” Harvard Psychologist Shawn Achor.

Conversely, the opposite happens when we take the view that we do not like a subject, the brain signals the production of Cortisol, a stress, hormone that compromises the ability to learn. So, if the student does not like school they begin to form the belief that they are not very bright which in turn shrinks the potential of their brain for significant growth and development.

  • Repetition, either physically or through the use of imagination alone: Both forms of repetition turn on genes inside of neurons, forming new connections, causing the brain to physically GROW in that particular area. This process is accelerated when the student views something difficult as a challenge and an opportunity for growth and experience, instead of as a threat.

Therefore the secret of learning and growth is to get the student interested in the subject and to accept challenges as a way of growing their brain and intellect. The focus is therefore not on results but on growth through challenges, accepting temporary failure as part of the process and encouraging students to keep trying and growing. This develops a Growth Mindset. When results are stressed it has the opposite effect, creating a Fixed Mindset; that the present level of our brain is who we are and our lot in life.

Stanford University researcher Carol Dweck has proven that with the right approach by teachers, students who were not interested and thought themselves as not very bright make dramatic changes and surpass students that may start off bright but may through pressure adopt a Fixed Mindset.

Our Teacher Training program trains teachers on how to develop a Growth Mindset in their students, lowering their level of stress while dramatically changing their desire, ability to learn, performance and the development of their brain.

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