Barry Hart has over forty-five years of professional experience facilitating corporate training throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Venezuela. His unique approach is based on the principles of Dr. Viktor Frankl’s LogoTherapy. The focus of his extensive experience has been in the areas of: A Neuroscience approach to Happiness, Positive Work relationships, Inspirational Leadership, Growth Mindset, Innovative Compensation for Team Based Organizations, Developing Sales Leaders and Teacher Training: Creating a Passion for Learning.

Barry has facilitated courses for a wide selection of corporations in the private sector, public sector and in schools in seven countries.


  • St. Mary’s College Trinidad
  • Management Trainee, Roots Group, London, England.
  • Competitive Marketing Strategy, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Innovative Compensation & Reward Program, University of Pittsburgh.
  • Many short courses in Motivational Management, Leadership and sales training

Professional Associations:

  • The Positive Psychology Association, University of Pennsylvania.

Significant Positions Held:

  • Caribbean Lecturer/Trainer for Evelyn Woods Reading Dynamics
  • Co-founder & President of the Leadership Development Institute
  • Franchisor/Trainer Leadership Motivation Institute – Ontario, Canada
  • Development Director of Leadership Motivation Institute (Now known as Leadership Management International) – Texas, USA
  • Co-founder, President of: Nazareth Family apostolate
  • Director, St. Lucia Distillers Ltd
  • Founder/Managing Director – Growth Opportunities Ltd.

Barry insists that his greatest education and growth has come from his many failures and from his friend and mentor Paul J. Meyer.

Christopher R.Thomas was born in Trinidad and Tobago of humble parentage, but was destined to become a distinguished global citizen.

After attending Fatima College, he went on to higher studies-BA (London), Diploma in Education (UWI) M.LITT, (Bristol University), MA (New York University) and was later awarded an Honourary Doctorate in Laws (University of Maine USA)

Mr. Thomas is fluent in Spanish and French, was appointed Permanent Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago and subsequently Ambassador to Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. In his wider diplomatic career, Ambassador Thomas registered an illustrious array of ‘firsts’: first Caribbean elected to the 13-member UN Finance Committee; first Caribbean to chair the United Nations Finance Committee; first T&T national elected to the UN’s 11-member Inspectorate and the first T&T citizen elected to one of the two leadership posts of the Organization of American States.

For his excellence in work abroad, this grand dean of Diplomacy was awarded the ‘Gran Cordon del Libertador, Venezuela’s Highest award (1990) for foreign dignitaries; the Chaconia Medal (Gold), for long and meritorious service to the public service of T&T (1997); the Award of Excellency in Diplomacy by the Institute of Caribbean Studies in Washington, D.C. (1999)

At home after his illustrious career abroad he was appointed by the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago as an independent Senator (2000-2003) and more recently Chairman of the Police and Public Service Commissions (2004-2013).

He now serves as an executive consultant and passionate facilitator for Growth Opportunities.


  • Permanent Secretary & Head of the Foreign Service of Trinidad & Tobago, Assistant Secretary General OAS, Chairman Inter-American Economic Council. Chairman of the Trinidad& Tobago Public Service Commission and of the Police Service Commission.
  • Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Service of Trinidad and Tobago and Head of the Foreign Service of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Director of Diplomacy Institute of International Relations St Augustine Trinidad
  • Chairman Finance and Management Committee of the United Nations New York
  • Assistant Secretary General Organization of American States Washington
  • Inspector of the Joint Inspection Unit of the United Nations Geneva

Susan (BA Hons, MA Psychology) has been both an entrepreneur and the CEO of a manufacturing company. She has an Hons. B.A. in Psychology from Brock University, and a Master of Arts in Organizational & Industrial Psychology from the University of Windsor, both of Ontario, Canada. She obtained the Vice Chancellor’s medal for academic excellence at Brock University and was successful in getting her honors BA thesis published in the Journal of Social Behaviour & Personality.

Her early working experience was in Human Resources in the Construction and Telecommunications’ Sectors. While working at TSTT, known as TELCO at the time, she was the Compensation & Benefits Manager and was instrumental in the development of a Job Evaluation instrument for the company’s 2500 employees.

She subsequently spent 15 years in St Lucia, as an entrepreneur, establishing and directing an Adhesive Manufacturing Facility, and was successful in developing export distribution channels throughout the English-speaking Caribbean.

Susan has returned to her love of Psychology and combines it with her vast business experience. She is currently Consultant, Trainer and Facilitator with Growth Opportunities Ltd and uses an understanding of Neuroscience and the neuroplasticity of the Brain to show the effect of our thoughts on who we ultimately become. This holds tremendous potential for change and authentic leadership at any stage of our lives.

Susan has also lectured at the Open Campus of The University of The West Indies on Personality & Society. Recently, she was approved by the Australian Institute of Business to lecture on Organizational Behaviour, and on Leadership for their BA Business degree program at Sital College.

She has always had a passionate concern for human welfare and advancement.
While in St Lucia she served first as Secretary and then as President of Meeting Point Charity Group, for a total of six years. In Trinidad, she has served on the Boards of Kids in Need of Direction (K.I.N.D), the St James Police Youth Group, and the Rotary Club of Central Port of Spain. She is currently in her second year as a Board Member of Vision on Mission

Susan is a member of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA).

John has been a certified facilitator of several international courses for eleven years. He has 25 years of experience in sales and marketing for international companies.

A passionate, progressive, Life Skills coach, Facilitator, Consultant, and Motivational Speaker, John develops inspirational leaders to create positive and productive environments with a spirit to serve.

He has worked with international organisations for over twenty years including 3M, where he was employee of the year on five occasions. He also worked with Xerox for two years and won the Managing Director’s Award in 2001. He was a marketing consultant for International companies from 2002 to 2007, before branching off into training and development on a full-time basis in 2008. From 2009 to 2011 he was associated with IBB, Leadership Management International, and Service Quality Institute during which time he marketed and facilitated workshops in Leadership, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, Change Management, and Sales.

In 2012, John became an Associate/Facilitator with Growth Opportunities Ltd., marketing and facilitating the unique program called “NEW THINKING.” This novel approach to Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Sales and Customer Service continues to change his life. John is holistically committed which his program participants can attest to.

With a growth mindset that encourages exploring new opportunities and possibilities for enhancing his own personal development, he aims to continue making a contribution to individuals, companies, public sector institutions, communities and country. John’s ambition is to teach this life changing course in many countries in the Caribbean and internationally.

Sophie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, minoring in Psychology and a Bachelor of Education degree, and Special Education from Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada.

She has been teaching and training, students, teachers, parents and now people in the corporate sector for the past 30 years.

She is certified in peer counselling, practices RE Evaluation counselling, and pursues continuous improvement training in life coaching.

She facilitated The Love and Logic parenting and classroom management programs for 10 years (The Love and Logic Institute, USA and Positive Parenting Solutions).

She has a longstanding association with The Foundation for Human Development, and an NGO, ParentingTT. She is actively involved in Parenting TT’s media campaign-regularly participating in radio interviews, assisting in script writing for TV and radio productions, as well as media newspaper articles promoting positive parenting. In addition, she is a very qualified Parenting Coach, as she is a mother of 8 wonderful children and is driven by her passion for supporting and promoting harmonious relationships in families.

As an associate and facilitator with Growth Opportunities Ltd, Sophie is now passionately involved in conducting training and facilitation in the corporate sector.

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