With all the leadership and business training programs available, what makes NEW THINKING so unique?

This program employs a process that actually changes attitudes towards work, service, team building and productivity. It assists everyone to discover a deeper meaning and passion in their work; it assists in building goal oriented teamwork and team spirit, thereby, making a significant contribution to changing the culture of an organization.

NEW THINKING is a neuroscience program which starts by engaging the individual-building on the fact that everyone desires to be happier healthier and more successful.

When participants are given the neuroscientific evidence that their personal happiness health and achievements are linked to New Thinking they become highly engaged and excited by the prospect of growth.

Your team develops practical inspirational, personal leadership skills to recognize, acknowledge and encourage improved behaviour; along with methods for correcting errors positively and constructively when they occur. Participants are trained in connection, communication and engaging leadership to relate positively from peer to peer.

It is an inside-out approach that is appealing and exciting to participants as the course deals with the development of the person through neuroscience to achieve what they really want in life – happiness, health, improved relationships and opportunities for growth and ultimately personal advancement.

Eventually, after completion of the NEW THINKING program, the organization will enjoy better results, and a more engaging, positive, goal-oriented leadership style and corporate culture

When people really ‘want to’, change can take place!

We have had the honour of working with leading companies in Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, St. Lucia and St Vincent, inclusive of agencies in both the Private and Public sectors, with over a 90% repeat business factor!

Our extensively trained, certified and passionate facilitators will help your employees identify and internalize THE CAUSE; the deeper meaning ‘Why’ they do what they do that will give them a sense of purpose and believe they are doing something worthwhile and personally satisfying. We then facilitate arriving at BEHAVIOURS they will practice to achieve it. This gives them a new sense of meaning and renewed passion in their work.

Our dedicated and zealous team are true Ambassadors of the program – not only professionally but personally as well. Check out “Our Team” and our “Cause and Purpose” to get to know us better.

We have full endorsement and committed hands-on involvement, from Ambassador Christopher Thomas BA,M..Litt,MA,LLD Dip. Education, former Chairman of the Public Service Commission, who has been influential in adapting the program to specifically address the needs of the Public Sector.

Investing in ‘NEW THINKING’ will result in a more positive goal-oriented management style and corporate culture. With your team now united by the internalization of THE CAUSE and VALUE BEHAVIOURS… teamwork, commitment, motivation and loyalty improve!

Don’t just take our word for it; See what our clients and their participants have to say in our Testimonials page.

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