Every organization aspires to be successful.  Within recent times, we have somehow fallen into the trap of focusing on driving ‘results’ in order to achieve success.

However, research on the neuroscience of leadership clearly shows that attention must be made on ‘people’ and not only on the numbers, in order to achieve the best results.

NEW THINKING uses this research as the cornerstone from which to teach the true meaning of leadership, as opposed to ‘management’.  NEW THINKING is about becoming the best, first as individuals, then as teams, and finally as leaders.  The obvious end result is a shift in corporate culture that is geared for maximizing success.

Neuro-science research has shown that all successful people go through life deliberately alternating between two zones: the learning zone and the performance zone. The learning zone is when we do activities designed for improvement, concentrating on what we have not mastered yet, which means we have to expect to make mistakes, knowing that we will learn from them. This is very different from what we do in the performance zone, which is when our goal is to do something as best as we can, to execute. Here we concentrate on what we have already mastered and do our best to minimize mistakes.

Becoming the best does not revolve on the traditional notions of technical skill and improvements.  Research has already clearly shown that IQ and Technical competence account for only 25% of job success. More important is the creation of a strong corporate culture where employees WANT to make their best contributions because their leaders inspire them to do so.

NEW THINKING therefore focuses on the concepts of continuous improvement, participation, contribution, growth and shaping culture, as the primary components of leadership.

A company’s true return on investment in NEW THINKING is manifested upon its institutionalization of the course principles.  Unless a company demands leadership, the required paradigm shift cannot made, and participants revert to their ‘prior behavior’.

Finally, a NEW THINKING company has to design and implement the required systems to evaluate whether managers and supervisors are using these leadership principles on a regular, consistent basis.  Specifically, reward systems cannot be geared only to achieving results, but must include the demonstration of required leadership behavior.  Once this is done, the return on investment is exponential.

Growth Opportunities assists its clients in implementing what is necessary to maximize return on investment, upon completion of the course.

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