A: Other training programs tend to be aimed at benefiting the company without first engaging the person in his or her personal interests. They are also usually structured to provide information and not daily practices, as NEW THINKING offers, that actually changes one’s brain which aids transformation.

A: The course is structured to address this concern. It is spread out over six weeks, one session per week. At every session participants are given simple and profound neuroscience exercises, backed up by research, that require little effort which they practice every day until the next session. This is repeated every session so that at the end of the six-week period they have acquired new habits of thinking and behaviour.

The course is therefore not about just information but transformation. We continue to work with our clients to support them in the institutionalizing  process and offering strategies for sustaining and carrying the training forward.

Follow up sessions are offered. Many participants report that they continue to use the processes taught years after doing the program and that it is life changing. They make use of it in their personal and professional lives.

A: The course is not a magic bullet – people must practice to attain the full benefit. However, most people become very interested and engaged as it deals with their personal lives and goals in which they are most interested, and receive great benefits. The same principles and practices are applicable to their professional lives. So in essence the personal and professional feed off each other allowing for holistic change.

A: Yes, We customize the course to suit the clients specific needs and time constraints. However, for the greatest benefit, we recommend clients opt of the standard schedule of six sessions. The time between sessions is of utmost importance as it allows for the applications of practices and techniques taught, which will ensure authentic growth and development of participants.

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