The NEW THINKING program offers a very positive, unique and highly effective transformational course. We work with our clients to develop a customized plan that addresses their specific needs and establish follow-up strategies to implement and reinforce the learning to ensure optimal success is achieved.

What clients say about ‘NEW THINKING’….

“The programme has helped us to clarify…a deeper meaning and purpose in our work, greater passion for service…helped us develop a “Happiness Advantage”, improved our personal leadership skills and working relationships.”

Norman Tang, Managing Director – Bryden Pi Limited

“…our intention was to train only our frontline employees in an effort to enhance our customer service. Our Management team and all frontline employees from our five branch offices participated in “NEW THINKING..”…The feedback from all participants including the Management team was extremely positive. Subsequently…conducted a presentation to our Board of Directors and it was mandated that the rest of the company undergo this highly effective training.”

Ricaldo E. Gomes, Human Resources Officer – Colfire

“As a result of the above, the Company has moved from having a significant stock deficit at the end of June, 2009 to a stock balance at the end of September, 2009. We are also expecting to significantly increase our profits this year, at a lower level of sales than last year, some of which, will be attributed to greater vigilance, efficiency and commitment to achievement by participants of the course, which represent the most influential members of staff.”

Roger Roach, Chief Executive Officer Langston Roach Industries Limited

“…We ensured that all Managers and Supervisors participated and then followed this up with the same program for other members of staff. This ensured a common language and understanding of the benefits of positive thinking.”

Peter Welch, Chief Executive Officer – Vemco

“We are really gratified that we have been able to make not only significant changes in the work place as a result of the application of the principles and techniques taught but in the lives of our people as well.…we therefore heartily recommend this course to all organizations, both public and private.”

Gwendoline McLaren, HR Director – Hi Lo Food Stores

“We believe that if we continue to pursue this practical and effective approach to change that it will continue to transform our Company into real service, excellence and superior customer value.”

Andrew P. Mouttet – Retired Managing Director FT Farfan Limited

New Thinking..” is a programme I would recommend to any business leader who is serious about improving the culture of his/her business and about empowering employees to embrace success and to engender strong teamwork, thereby minimizing on the job stress. I recommend the programme without hesitation.”

Ian Mitchell, General Manager – Bermudez Biscuit Company Limited

“….highly interactive and engaging, the very practical tools derived from this workshop has forged within us an enhanced way of thinking, both from a corporate level perspective and equally as individuals in our own personal lives. It is truly unlike many of the traditional workshops and seminars…”

Norman Tang, Managing Director – Bryden Pi Limited

Prestige Holdings

  • “By far the best course I have ever done. It has tremendous value to my life. “
  • “Excellent Course…will help me to improve and develop an attitude of gratitude and to have a real purpose in life.”
  • “Professionally, it will help me to appreciate my job and build more positive relationships with the people I work with, and help me influence the success of the Company, and myself as well.”
  • “This course should be taught in schools and to parents. It is excellent. My professional and personal lives have already begun to change. I’ve gotten unstuck.”
  • “These techniques reignited my passion for my job and solidified how I can change and make a difference.”

“Another significant benefit of the course that we are continuing to experience is the methodology for dealing with communication and relationship building within the organization and by extension with our customers.”

Roger Roach, Chief Executive Officer Langston Roach Industries Limited

We are completely satisfied with….training which has helped improve the lives of our employees and is ultimately transferred to our customers, both external and internal. We have heard some testimonies of employees who indicated that the training has had a major impact on their professional and personal lives and we are seeing the value of our investment in our employees.”

Ricaldo E. Gomes, Human Resources Officer – Colfire


  • Advantage Advertising
  • Agostini Marketing
  • Beacon
  • Bermudez
  • Bryden Pi
  • Colfire
  • Dental Education Network
  • FT Farfan
  • Hi-Lo Food Stores (now Massy Stores)
  • Langston Roach Industries
  • Laughlin and De Gannes
  • Lex Caribbean
  • National Energy Company
  • National Flour Mills
  • Peake Technologies
  • Pepper Advertising
  • Prestige Holdings
  • Regency Recruitment & Resources Limited
  • Republic Bank
  • Scotiabank Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and St. Lucia
  • Scrip-J
  • Securities Exchange Commission
  • SuperPharm
  • Trinidad and Tobago Customs and Excise
  • Trinidad and Tobago Fire Services
  • Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Legal Affairs
  • Trinidad and Tobago Police Force
  • Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange
  • Vemco
  • West Indian Traders Limited
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