Most people, businesses and organizations focus on what they do and how they do it. We are trained from infancy to pay more attention to poor performance and to correct it in negative ways. This practice leads to a demotivated work force and a negative organizational culture.

Our NEW THINKING course engages participants in an alternative way of behaviour, through understanding and practice of five key neuroscience processes:

  • The Positive Process: Creating the Happiness Advantage (Harvard University)
  • Passion for a Worthy Cause: Creating Intrinsic Motivation
  • Mastery: The challenge of Continuous Improvement
  • Celebration: Appreciation, Recognition & Rewards

The course originally began as a Private Sector initiative but due to it’s emphasis and the results achieved in the areas of attitude and service transformation it has proven to have great appeal to the Public Service. Ambassador Christopher Thomas former Chairman of the Public Service Commission and current Chairman has been influential in adapting the program to specifically address the needs of the Public Sector.

The unique processes and techniques found in NEW THINKING will guide your people to:

  • Discover meaning and passion in their work for greater commitment and focus.
  • Identify and develop values that motivate and unite your team.
  • Learn the ‘Science of Happiness’ (Harvard University) and transform their thinking.
  • Change poor work attitudes using the latest in neuroscience research.
  • Develop a positive and encouraging leadership style.
  • Guide your people through the development of a customised plan for continuous improvement of effective leaders at every level of your organization.
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